Our Process

We usually start with a kickoff meeting, what we call a Shrink Session. In this 1-2 hours long meeting, the client tells us everything we should know to best understand the company, its goals, and vision. This information helps us draw a path to successfully reach the client’s goals. Ahead of time we usually prepare a questionnaire that guides the client to describe every facet of the company and pull together the full picture – challenges, competition, strengths, and more.

After this meeting, we start doing our homework. With all the information from our conversation with the client we can dive into our own research for the right look and feel – see what’s out there, what others do, what’s missing in our client’s field. We capture the essence of the company and from that create timeless branding.

We build a story, a brand tone, and what we call the hook – the bridge between the company and its product, and the consumers. Today more than ever a brand’s story is its most essential element. Captured the right way, the story becomes a strategic asset in reaching the company’s target audience – whether that’s millennials, health conscious adults, female / male, or others.

Once we have the story and the brand tone, we start dressing up the look and feel. Not only do we create all the visual design assets, but we often make a few different versions inspired by the company’s central identity. The brand narrative is the nerve center, what directs and commands the core identity of the company but also allows for evolution and change as the brand grows.

After we feel ready and confident with the identities we’ve created, we present the client with our new directions. Together, we walk through the various options and discuss how we created them so that we can find the perfect fit for the client.

Let us tell your story.

As we approach the end of your journey of self-discovery, a new system of brand presentation and promotion will have emerged. The assets we create will either shape or latch onto your brand language – all the features that make up the who and what of your company.

Our Top 7 Deliverables



Shrink sessions and brainstorm parties help us birth brand strategies that pump value and interest into your company. Our concepts show audiences you have what they want.



We match a unique set of features – your logo, typeface, icons, colors, and voice – to the fiber of your brand, leading a memorable brand “language” to emerge. This is what translates your unique message to the world.



Our complementary UX/UI-based designs flesh out your brand’s digital body, lending it essential life functions – like usability and intuition. They work seamlessly across the full span of digital channels.



The highly visible and appealing packaging designs we produce make your product unveiling a meaningful experience – from the moment consumers spot it on the shelf to the moment they take it in their hands.



We take your brand on a trek down the hottest media avenues, sporting bold, innovative advertising campaigns. Not only do they have the moxie to “wow” your target audience, but they can help you shake hands with new markets.



Digital footage and animation set your brand in motion, opening up three-dimensional worlds of imagination. These spaces captivate audiences with engaging content about your products and services.



We provide an iron-clad set of on and offline brand assets that respond to the evolving desires of today’s consumers. These assets are built with a knack for staying top-of-mind and top-of-market.

Once your brand finds its shape, purpose and promise, it develops a more confident and familiar presence in the world. A new identity has the potential to spark a universal dialogue that keeps people coming back to you, your services and your products.


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