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For over 100 years, the artisans and gourmet experts at Pereg Natural Foods have scoured the world in quest of superior quality, all-natural ingredients to bring to the table of every family. What started as a small Israeli spice cart in 1906 is now a multinational wholesale brand offering a cornucopia of organic grains, spices and herbs. This family-owned business thrives off of the rich tradition and expert craftsmanship that goes into their food products.


Pereg enlisted Squat’s trusty A-team to fabricate original, innovative packaging for its newest line of superfoods: Quinoa, premium Basmati Rice, Couscous and Toasted Pearl Pasta (also known as Israeli Couscous). The line was originally comprised of 13 flavor-filled blends, but has since expanded to 26 varieties including all different types of herbs, spices, fruits and nuts.

These combinations and grain varieties are relatively new and uncommon in the American market, so it was important to both entice their American consumers with appetizing presentations and show them the most ideal food pairings. We hired a food stylist to help us prepare imagery for the packaging that would immerse curious buyers in the product experience, stimulating their imaginations, olfactory system and taste buds. Meticulously arranging morsels around freshly prepared meals, we placed emphasis on textures and juices and unexpectedly delicious flavor combos.

Our photography was brought to life on packaging materials made of 100% recycled, raw paper with a natural feel, which complement the wholesomeness of the ingredients, as well as Pereg’s vision for a more environmentally conscious world.

The result was artful packages that capture the diversity, variety and unique appeal of this food line. This product line has since become a best-selling gourmet food choice on Amazon and many other online retailers specializing in natural foods.


Gil Schneider, CEO of Pereg, confessed, “The new packaging helps us stand out from the crowd.”

Featured in The DielinePackaging of the World, Lovely Package, and Designspiration.

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