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Pereg Quinoa Pops

Packaging Design, Food & Beverage, Natural Foods

For over 100 years, the artisans and gourmet experts at Pereg Natural Foods have scoured the world in quest of superior quality, all-natural ingredients to bring to the table of every family. What started as a small Israeli spice cart in 1906 is now a multinational wholesale brand offering a cornucopia of organic grains, spices and herbs. This family-owned business thrives off of the rich tradition and expert craftsmanship that goes into their food products. 


Pereg Natural Foods achieved a massive breakthrough when they came up with an unconventional line of cereal – Quinoa Pops. This heart-healthy cereal is a fun twist on the extremely versatile, nutritional ancient grain. With the booming international demand of quinoa amongst the growing number of health-conscious consumers, it was easy to predict its high sales potential. Our challenge was to create something that appealed to customers who had never seen or heard about this type of product before. The product needed to win their attention over more familiar cereals.

The resulting packaging design illuminates Quinoa Pops as a light, bubbly and fluffy ready-to-eat cereal. It also teaches consumers which ingredients it is best consumed with right on the box. Our colors were chosen to appropriately express each flavor: Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Original. We wanted supporting graphics to create a joyful interaction between the consumer and product before they even consume it, by touching upon all five senses.


While designing the typeface and logo, we used cursive, calligraphic strokes to represent the fluid movement of this soft food, as it zips down our gullets. Using blind embossing and elevated paper texture, we created a font that looks and feels three-dimensional – a true “pop!” effect.

By sprinkling the entire package with explosive lines and floating polka dots, the overall look gained greater depth and interest. These finishing touches evoke a playfulness that makes the Pereg’s Quinoa Pops truly “pop” out at consumers. Pereg’s entire line of Quinoa Pops has since been taken up by some of the most popular health food supermarkets such as Whole Foods.

“Packaging design is not a simple task. It is very important to understand and connect with the product before starting the design process. Overall, a good package design should instantly attract, educate and satisfy consumer needs – it is the ultimate extension of the product and its story.” – Shiri Kornowski.



Featured in IdN Magazine, The Dieline, Graphic Design USA, The Drum Creative Showcase, World Packaging Design Society, and Package Inspiration.

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