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Puku is a New York-based tech firm that produces one of the most exceptionally made mobile charging devices in the market. Inspired by the blackout in New York City immediately following Hurricane Sandy, the founders decided to create a charging device that ensures living without power is no longer a worry. As an experienced team of trendsetters in the field of fashion as well as mobile technologies, they wanted this charger to be the first to incorporate a sense of style. They sought to build both a tool and an accessory — something that fits snugly into New York’s culture of fashion and innovation.


Our first step in realizing their vision was coming up with the name for both the device and the brand. Honing in on the product’s core attributes – strong, durable and beautiful – we landed on a majestic staple of African wildlife, the Puku. Pukus are a small but powerful and fast breed of antelope that are able to survive the savanna grasslands and some of the harshest regions of Central and Southern Africa.

Aspects of the rest of the brand highlight the commonalities between Pukus and the product. The logo is a geometric interpretation of the profile of a Puku, completed with triangular strokes in a semi-transparent quality. It combines a sense of whimsical beauty with the logic and stability of geometry, as well as the product technology.

The Puku brand is the first mobile charging device to rub shoulders with the fashion world.


Watch the video below.

Squat’s next venture was the design of the product itself  developing everything from the silky, matte coating of the product to its vibrant color palette, to the placement and functionality of the power light. Through the light’s changing color from white to orange to red, users know immediately how much battery is left. With this sleek, trendy aesthetic, Puku stands on par with today’s most popular smartphones.

These fashion-forward chargers have since been featured at the notorious Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, capturing fashion bloggers’ attention from all over the world. Puku continuously receives favorable reviews from tech-savvy first-time users, earning a five-star rating on Amazon with mostly positive feedback. The line is now available at Starbucks and major clothing stores around the United States, such as Urban Outfitters.

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